gift guide for baker photos of 2 different Bosch mixers, and 2 different Nutrimill Grain mills, also shown photo of sourdough starter kit, and 2 books, a bread knife and bread tools

Top 10 Holiday Buying Guide For That Baker You Love

gift guide for baker photos of 2 different Bosch mixers, and 2 different Nutrimill Grain mills, also shown photo of sourdough starter kit, and 2 books, a bread knife and bread tools

Interested In Baking? Or Know Someone Who Is?

Do you know someone who loves baking through and through? You need to checkout this Top 10 Holiday Buying Guide For That Baker You Love! I have compiled a list for you so you don’t have to! Additionally, I have listed items in every price range, so you can see that baker smile, no matter what budget you are looking for! So, to make it simple, I will post a link with every item, so you can check it out. I enjoyed making this list, and I have my eyes on a few of them as well! So, let’s get started.

Firstly, let’s dive in and think about who you are buying for this holiday season. This will help in determining which kind of gift you are looking to give.

Also, If You Want To Learn More About Milling Your Own Flour, I have a Fresh Milled Flour 101 post. So, I Recommend Starting There!

What Price Range Are You Looking For?

I will divide the gift ideas into 3 different price groupings. The First group will be the more expensive items. These gifts are things that will last years, and continue to bring joy and food to your table over and over again! If you are interested in seeing these gift ideas in use, I use most of these items on my Youtube channel here. I hope you find value in my Top 10 Holiday Buying Guide For That Baker You Love List.

More Expensive Gift Options

Grain & Flour Mills

  1. First, I have listed the very mill I own, and I use daily! It is the Nutrimill Harvest Grain Mill. This is an electric stone mill. I love the sleek bamboo design, and there are many different accent colors to choose from to match every kitchen. The best place to purchase this grain/flour mill is from Nutrimill, they often run great sales around the holidays and occasionally through the year too! I have had people ask for Amazon links for purchase as well, because of gift cards, or ease or purchase, so here is the Amazon link.

This is the Nutrimill Harvest Grain Mill, This is my favorite mill.

2. The Second item on the list is also a mill, but a different kind of mill. So, you just need to get one or the other. This mill is the Nutrimill Classic Grain Mill, which is an electric steel grain mill. The reason I put two different mills on the list, is because they fulfill two different kinds of bakers. This Classic Mill is a bit larger than the Harvest Mill. It will mill more flour at a time, and is for bakers that bake more in bulk. So, if your loved one is always doubling or tripling their batches, then this might be the best mill for them. Here is the link for Amazon


This is the Nutrimill Classic Grain Mill. It is a bit larger than the Harvest Grain Mill above. It is made for bakers that need a larger amount of flour at a time.

Ok, now that we covered the grain mills, let’s talk about the mixers. I have 2 highly desired mixer options. Many bakers these days, especially bakers kneading bread are realizing, that some of the most popular stand mixers just don’t get the job done.


3. I personally own and LOVE this Bosch Compact Mixer. I use it just about everyday. It is small and mighty, and doesn’t take up a lot of space. I can easily lift the mixer with one hand, it is like 5 pounds. Also, the bowl comes out easily, and I don’t have to struggle to get it out. I used to have a Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer, and I begged for this mixer! My family finally got me one for Mother’s Day one year, and have not gotten my Kitchenaid out again to bake ever since. I can’t speak highly enough about this little mixer. So, if you purchase from Nutrimill, you can usually get a better deal and a blender attachment thrown in. But, Here is the Amazon Link if you want it. Either way Nutrimill is fantastic to work with, and they stand behind their products! HERE is my Complete Review video on this Bosch Compact Mixer

Bosch Compact Mixer Blender Combo

This is the Bosch Compact Mixer, and when you purchase directly from Nutrimill, they usually have a great deal to get the blender attachment for almost free! (Since 12/2022 They Have Discontinued this mixer (sad). You may still be able to grab it on Amazon HERE)

4. Ok, so here is the other mixer option. The Bosch Universal Stand Mixer, as of now, it is offered in two different colors – White or Black. What a power horse of a mixer! This mixer is made for bigger batches, because it can handle up to 14 loaves of bread per batch or 408 cookies per batch! Also, It boasts the title of the “World’s Greatest Mixer.” Here is the Amazon link for white. And Here is the link for the PRO Black

Bosch Universal Stand Mixer in White or Black

So, Nutrimill offers this Amazing Bosch Universal Stand Mixer in White or Black. Here is the link from Nutrimill White

Here is the link from Nutrimill for the PRO Black

Middle To Lower Range Gift Ideas

Sourdough Gift Options

5. Ok, so if your loved one has been asking about sourdough, but doesn’t know where or how to get started, I have a couple gift ideas for them. First, for sourdough, you need to have a starter. You could of course make it from scratch at home, but can take a couple weeks to build a strong starter capable of making a beautiful crusty loaf of artisan style sourdough bread. So, if you are looking for a faster option, look no further. Here is a Sourdough starter you can buy right from Amazon.

Sourdough starter Live Culture

This is a Live Sourdough Starter Culture that will be ready to use in less time than dry culture or making one from scratch. You can snag one here.

6. The next gift option would go hand and hand with the sourdough culture above. This is a sourdough beginners kit. It has pretty much everything you need (not including ingredients) except a Dutch Oven, which you can grab here if you don’t already have one.

sourdough beginners kit includes bannetons lame danish dough whisk blades and bench scraper

This Sourdough Beginners kit includes 1 Round Banneton Proofing Basket with Cloth Liner, 1 Oval 9 Banneton Proofing Basket with Cloth Liner, Stainless Steel Danish Whisk, a bread Lame with 5 Blades, a Stainless Steel Dough Scraper, and a plastic Bowl Scraper. You can grab this kit here.

7. The next two gift ideas are fantastic books that I own myself, and highly recommend. This book, written by Sue Becker, is essential to a fresh milled flour baker. Sue Becker, with Bread Beckers, has been crucial to bringing back fresh milled flour, and educating everyone about the history, science, and health behind it. You can visit her website here, or if you are around the Atlanta, GA area, you can even stop by! This book teaches so much about fresh milled flour, and it also contains so many recipes. Recipes for fresh milled flour are almost always a bit different than regular recipes that use commercial white flour.

Books & Reference Gift Options

This is the cover of a book called home-ground flour by Sue Becker

You can grab this book here. There is information about all the different wheat berries and different whole grains. It is a great book to jump in and get started.

8. So, this next book is a great book that merges fresh ground flour with sourdough. There are a ton of books about sourdough, and a few books about fresh milled flour, but this book is one of the few that I have found that does a great job of merging the two together! I own this book as well, and my favorite recipe in the book would have to be the Sourdough Chocolate Swiss Cake Roll which you can find that recipe here.

book cover close up showing beyond basics of natural yeast recipes for whole grain health

It took me a long time of weeding through so many books to find this gem! It is perfect for that baker who loves sourdough and fresh milled flour! You can get that book here.

Baking Kitchen Essentials

9. Alright, the next item, I am going to pair together. So, I have this pastry cutter, and bench scraper. But, I don’t have the Danish dough whisks. I have wanted one of these ever since I learned about them. But, because I live in such a small space, we really don’t have room for anything extra. Everything has it’s place, and that is it! lol So, whenever one of my mixing items mysteriously breaks or disappears, maybe one of these will magically take it’s place! Also, I just paired these together, because they are pretty inexpensive.

Pastry Cutter & Bench Scraper Combo & Danish Dough Whisk
  • The Pastry Cutter – used for pie doughs and biscuits & Bench scraper – used to handle, measure, and cut dough. This combo can be purchased here.
  • The 2 Pack of Danish Dough Whisk are a pretty great deal, that can be found here.

10. Lastly, I have listed my favorite bread knife! People ask me often what I do to make perfect bread slice. Why aren’t they squished? Well, that would be thanks to this bread knife. It is very inexpensive, so I have purchased 2 over the last couple years. But, the price makes it worth it. It slices through my hard and crusty artisan loafs so perfectly, and my soft an supple loafs it slides right through without squishing the bread. To sum up, it makes perfect slices every time!

a silver serrated bread knife with cover, upper left corner has sliced bread with dried wheat stalk. The bottom right corner has the knife handle shown in black, teal, and red.

This bread knife comes in 4 different colors, I own the plain silver one, and it feels so smooth and nice in my hand. Also, it comes with a black plastic cover that slides right on. You can check it out here.

Free Gift Idea

A great free gift idea, is to send them this link if they are having questions about how to start, what to buy, what to make, etc. I made this video for anyone wanting to learn about milling their own flour, or has questions about it. Or anyone wanting to improve their fresh milled flour products! I want to support and encourage you and them! Here is my Fresh Milled Flour 101 video – It is a fantastic place to start!

YouTube player

To Sum Up My “Top 10 Holiday Buying Guide For That Baker You Love”

Of course there are more gifts ideas out there, this it to give you a jumping off point. I know my husband would appreciate a gift guide like this for me. This way he wouldn’t have to research everything on his own, and he would still be able to find me something amazing. Anything on this list will help your baker grow and get better. Win win! And guess what, you benefit from all the delicious baked goods too! Comment down below with any questions, or you can contact me here, I would love to help you out on your gift buying this season!

Thanks, Kara with Grains In Small Places

Shop This Top 10 Holiday Buying Guide For That Baker You Love Post

Bosch Compact Mixer – My Mini mixer!

Nutrimill Harvest Grain Mill – Stone Grain Mill

Nutrimill Classic Mill – Impact Steel Grain Mill

White Nutrimill Universal Mixer – Bigger Mixer

Silver Nutrimill Universal PRO Mixer – Bigger PRO version

Sourdough Culture

Sourdough Bread Starter Kit

Sue Becker’s Home Ground Flour Book – Great Reference Tool, amazing recipes!

Whole Grain & Sourdough Book

Pastry Cutter & Bench Scraper

Danish Dough Whisk – 2 pack

My Favorite Bread Knife – and it’s pretty cheap!

Top 10 Holiday Buying Guide For That Baker You Love

Here is my complete review on the Bosch Compact Mixer, and all the attachments that I own!

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