Person hugging a Bosch Compact Mixer

Best Mixer For Small Spaces -The Bosch Compact Review

Best Mixer For Small Spaces – The Bosch Compact Review. So, what is the Best Mixer For Small Spaces? Never Fear, The Bosch Compact Review is here! I had a hard time finding a complete review of the Bosch Compact Mini Mixer from Nutrimill before I purchased it. I am glad that I decided to bite the bullet and get this workhorse! So, I had to kind of coax my family into it for Mother’s Day, lol. Also, I thought it might be nice to have a review out there by a person that actually has and uses this mixer on a daily basis. If you are ready to get one, HERE is the link. If not, it’s ok. It took me awhile too, lol. I will go over the features and attachments further in this article. I have a video showing everything, HERE is my Complete Bosch Compact Mixer Review.

Person hugging a Bosch Compact Mixer

Why Do I LOVE This Mixer?

I LOVE my Bosch Compact Mixer, and feel that it is the BEST mixer for small spaces. My top 3 favorite reasons are simple reasons, but I struggled with my old Kitchen aid mixer with both of them.

So, The Top three reason I love My Bosch Compact Mixer! Of course, I will list them in order!

  1. It is so lightweight (under 6 pounds!)
  2. The bowl & attachments go in and out SO easily!
  3. It makes beautiful bread dough
silver kitchen aid artisan mixer with a red thumbs down vs a white Bosch compact mixer with a green thumbs up

Now, don’t get me wrong, the Kitchen Aid still is a great mixer, but for anyone who struggles with arthritis, or small spaces, or doesn’t prefer to lift heavy things, this Bosch Compact Mixer is definitely for you!

What Is A Bosch Compact Tilt Head Mixer?

Firstly, The Bosch Compact Tilt Head Mixer is a powerhouse, even for it’s size. It is comparable to other stand mixers, it is just more compact. So, think small but mighty! This mixer out preforms my old Kitchenaid for bread dough especially, eventually, I plan to make a head to head battle of the two video to show you.

What Does The Bosch Compact Mixer Include?

So, you can purchase just the Bosch Compact Mixer Which includes:

  • The Bosch Compact Tilt Head Mixer
  • 4 Quart Mixing Bowl (white plastic)
  • A Bowl Cover/Splash Guard
  • A Metal Whisk
  • A Metal Cookie Paddle Whisk
  • A Metal Dough Hook, and Drive cover (to keep dough from getting in the gear)

OR you can purchase the Mixer Blender Combo which includes all the above, and a blender attachment. And, that is what I purchased, it is the BEST DEAL! Furthermore, at the time I am writing this, the combo can be purchased for $139!!! Here is a special link to that Deal! (It is only for a limited time, so the sale may be over when you are reading this.)

If Nutrimill is sold out, Amazon may still have some available HERE

Bosch Compact Mixer Blender Combo

Why Choose A Bosch Kitchen Mixer?

The reason to choose a Bosch kitchen mixer, is because it out preforms other mixers on the market. The customer service and warranty department at Nutrimill are amazing, and helpful. It comes with a 1 year warranty from Nutrimill. If the Bosch Compact Mixer is not big enough for you, the Bosch Universal is the bigger brother, and is also an amazing mixer. So, you can find the Larger Bosch Mixer HERE. Also, there are other features I will get into in the next section.

What Are The Features Of A Bosch Compact Mixer?

The Bosch Compact Mixer has many features which include:

  • Boasts A Strong 400 Watt Motor
  • It can mix up to 6 pounds of dough
  • There are 4 speeds plus “park position”
  • Three separate drives:
    • Standard-speed drive has high torque for whisks, dough hook, and meat grinder (and other attachments requiring higher torque)
    • High-speed drive (for blender and other attachments requiring high speed; sold separately)
    • Mid-speed drive (for continuous shredder attachment and other attachments requiring mid-range speed)
  • Ergonomic multi-function arm
  • It has an overload & restart motor protection
  • Four suction cup feet keep the machine securely in place on a smooth surface
  • Convenient cord storage attached to the mixer
  • Durable, easy-to-clean surface
  • The parts/ pieces are dishwasher safe
Bosch Compact Mixer accessories including a blender, food slicer extra bowl dough hook, whisk, and cookie paddle

What Are The Accessories For The Bosch Compact Mixer

There are many accessories for the Bosch Compact Mixer. Accessories that are available include:

  • The Blender Attachment (which can be purchased at a great deal as a combo with the mixer.
  • A Continuous slicer/ shredder, comes with 2 different blades (which I love to use for big blocks of cheese, and fruits and veggies)
  • An Extra Stainless Steel Bowl (which is my favorite bowl for cookies, and making anything whipped that I need a cold bowl for)
  • Citrus Juicer (which I do not own currently)
  • Food Processor Attachment (which I have been eyeballing for awhile)

Lastly, it is important to note, that all the accessories I mentioned I have above store very nicely in a small space in one small cabinet.

Get Your Own Bosch Compact Mixer, The Best Mixer For Small Spaces – The Bosch Compact Review

Shop This Post

Bosch Compact Mixer from Nutrimill, this is the BEST VALUE for your money! (As of 12/2022 Bosch has Discontinued This mixer, you may still be able to grab one on Amazon until they are gone)

Bosch Compact Mixer from Amazon

Also, the Bosch Compact Mixer has a bigger brother, the Bosch Universal! I have that link for you as well.

Bosch Universal (Bigger Brother)

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Best Mixer For Small Spaces -The Bosch Compact Review

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    1. It has since been discontinued. I love that little workhorse! If you can find one on Ebay or market place, I think that is about it. If they ever bring it back out or a new version, I will be the first on board to get it and tell the world!!! lol

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